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Lowman S. Henry

Commentary: Archives

By Lowman S. Henry

Lowman Henry is Chairman & CEO of
the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc.,
a Harrisburg-based non-profit, educational foundation.
His Keystone Commentaries are heard statewide on Lincoln Radio Journal.

14 Oct 2010   Tough Times Down on the Farm - But PA agriculture has a positive outlook
30 Sep 2010   Animal Farm Redux - GOP-controlled state senate lurches left
14 Sep 2010   Fiscal Folly - Proposed legislative budget office more useless bureaucracy
1 Sep 2010   Transformational - November's elections could change the course of America
17 Aug 2010   A Matter of Fairness - Minor party and independent candidates deserve ballot access
2 Aug 2010   A Mid-Summer Night's Nightmare - Annual transportation drama now playing in Harrisburg
20 Jul 2010   Pork Perverts Process - WAM money flows even amid budget crisis
6 Jul 2010   Muddled Message - Legislative leaders tarnish the GOP brand
2 Jul 2010   Our Finest Hour - Americans assert their God-given rights
8 Jun 2010   Irresistible Force Meets Immovable Object - PA could be headed for another budget stand-off
24 May 2010   Racists vs. Socialists
13 May 2010   Round II - A budget battle likely to be worse than last year
27 Apr 2010   It Can Be Done - History proves fiscally conservative approach to governing works
13 Apr 2010   Holy War - Weakening religious foundations goal of American Left
1 Apr 2010   Race to the Bottom - Spending has not improved PA schools
15 Mar 2010   Undercurrents - Race for Lt. Governor reveals GOP's deep divide
2 Mar 2010   TEA for Two? - Should the TEA party movement be co-opted by the government?
15 Feb 2010   Two Roads Diverged in Penn's Woods - Will PA-12 be NY-23 or Massachusetts?
2 Feb 2010   Nightmare Scenario - PA Democrats could nominate the most Leftist statewide ticket in recent history
20 Jan 2010   Black Robed Bad Boys - Legislature doesn't have a corner on corruption
5 Jan 2010   Second Fiddle - It does matter who is Pennsylvania's next lieutenant governor
21 Dec 2009   Not in the Cards - Half way through the fiscal year, state budget still isn't finished
8 Dec 2009   Mr. Clean - Is Tom Corbett the next Dick Thornburgh?
23 Nov 2009   Con Con - Pennsylvania needs a new state constitution
11 Nov 2009   A Tale of Two Elections - Intra-party competition leads to General Election victory
28 Oct 2009   Where for Art Thou? - PA legislature leaves town with job undone
13 Oct 2009   Ticking Time Bomb - PA headed for fiscal 'perfect storm'
29 Sep 2009   Governing Responsibly - The current budget deal doesn't fit the bill
14 Sep 2009   Say It Ain't So, Joe - Senate GOP sells out on taxes
1 Sep 2009   Just Do It - Works selling sneakers, not state budgeting
18 Aug 2009   Angry - We're mad as . . .
4 Aug 2009   Time to Debate the Role of State Government - Are we driving a Cadillac when a Ford would do?
20 Jul 2009   Seven Billion Dollar Boondoggle - Congress wasted defense dollars on duplicate jet engines
6 Jul 2009   Nobody Ever Lost . . . - Tax hike vote could be the 'pay raise' vote of 2009
24 Jun 2009   Wheel of Misfortune - Gamblers, nonprofits eyed as sources for more tax revenue
8 Jun 2009   Break the Cycle - Time to cut spending, not raise taxes
27 May 2009   Civil War? - No, just healthy debate
20 May 2009   'Enhanced Interrogation Techniques' - Is water boarding right or wrong?
12 May 2009   Capital Culture - Spending interests make their voices heard, will you?
4 May 2009   'Defining Moment' GOP performance in budget debate will determine viability in governor's race
28 Apr 2009   Principle or Politics? Specter party switch had nothing to do with party ideology
21 Apr 2009   Party's Over: What is next for Tea Party movement?
8 Apr 2009   A New PATH: PA must end culture of corruption
31 Mar 2009   Fool's Gold: Legalizing video poker wrong course for PA
25 Mar 2009   Electability: Who can win Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate seat in 2010?
17 Mar 2009   Ourtageous: Obama plans to deny veterans health care
10 Mar 2009   Homeless: Arlen Specter may be without a political home
3 Mar 2009   Killing Charities: Obama plans to limit charitable tax deductions at worst possible time
23 Feb 2009   Public Financing: PA taxpayers paying for all sides in Bonusgate probe
18 Feb 2009   Our Town: We Pennsylvanians love our communities
10 Feb 2009   Bigger Not Better: Rendell goal is to consolidate power, not schools
3 Feb 2009   Geico Budgeting: So simple even a cave man can understand
27 Jan 2009   2009 Golden Snout Awards: Special 'bail-out mania' edition
21 Jan 2009   Age of Obama?: It is too soon to declare the end of a conservative era
12 Jan 2009   Back to the Future: Current PA budget crisis brings back memories of 1991
5 Jan 2009   A New Beginning: PA legislature should adopt a conservative approach to problem solving
16 Dec 2008   House of Cards?: 'Card Check' vote will be defining issue in 2010 U.S. Senate primary
9 Dec 2008   Read My Lips: PA's new Lieutenant Governor Returns GOP to its anti-tax roots
1 Dec 2008   Words Matter: Conservative social principles sound, rhetorical approach flawed
17 Nov 2008   Pay to Play?: Non-bid state contracts walk a fine ethical line
10 Nov 2008   Elections Not Yet Over: Legislative leadership elections will determine agenda for the coming two years
5 Nov 2008   Thinning the Herd: RINOs Lose Big: Abandonment of conservative principles root cause of Republican losses
28 Oct 2008   Ed and Taxpayers Make a Porno: Films take funding priority over sewers, road & bridges
21 Oct 2008   Piecemeal Privatization: Smaller scale PA Turnpike public-private partnerships may be politically viable option
7 Oct 2008   Fiscal Crisis Looms Over Penn's Woods: Years of state over-spending contribute to mounting budget deficit
29 Sep 2008   Solving the Highway Funding Crisis: A roadmap for fixing PA's roads and bridges
22 Sep 2008   Susquehanna Fever: 2010 Governor's race beginning to take shape
15 Sep 2008   Wrong Again: Leasing turnpike not only solution to PA's roads and bridge funding woes
8 Sep 2008   We are (Dysfunctional) Family!: PA General Assembly returns from vacation to confront reform agenda
2 Sep 2008   John McCain's Conservative Journey
25 Aug 2008   Last Best Hope of Man on Earth?: Democrat/Republican PA convention delegates differ
6 Aug 2008   Ballotgate: State laws governing ballot access are scandalous
28 Jul 2008   'When in the Course of Human Events': The time for reform in PA is now
8 Jul 2008   Debtsylvania: Governor Ed Rendell has mortgaged our future
23 Jun 2008   The Long Road Back: What the GOP must do to get its 'groove' back
9 Jun 2008   GOP Ship Continues to Sink: Post-primary registration trends continue to favor Democrats
22 May 2008   'Altogether Fitting and Proper': A time to remember those who paid the ultimate price for freedom
13 May 2008   Obama's Running Mate: Both Rendell and Casey face hurdles
29 Apr 2008   Faulty Foundation: McCain fails to get a grip on GOP's conservative base
18 Apr 2008   Bitter Pill
7 Apr 2008   Time Out!: Further development of slots casinos should be put on hold while reforms are adopted
24 Mar 2008   Reality Check: Times demand PA take a new approach to taxing and spending
17 Mar 2008   Challenging Times: Charities struggle with unique set of problems
20 Feb 2008   Big Brother is Alive and Well: Central planners are working hard in PA
30 Jan 2008   'Bucket of Warm Spit': Not anymore, VP selection carries high stakes
24 Jan 2008   It's the Delegate Race Stupid: PA Presidential Primary could be decided by February 12th
15 Jan 2008   Tax Cut Fever: Can the legislature finally deliver?
19 Dec 2007   Gun Laws Will Not Solve Philadelphia's Crime Problem: Decades of liberal social and economic policies must be reversed
3 Dec 2007   The Arrogance of the Non-elected: Boards, commissions, bureaucrats forget who is boss
19 Nov 2007   Blue Mood: Economic concerns may impact Presidential election
5 Nov 2007   Crisis of Confidence: PA legislature has lost all credibility
22 Oct 2007   Pennsylvanians Want the 'Right to Work': Poll shows younger voters, Democrats support a Right to Work law
1 Oct 2007   Rendell Light: GOP energy policy watered down version of the governor's plan
17 Sep 2007   Rendell's Folly: PA Turnpike revenue should be used to upgrade the turnpike itself
10 Sep 2007   Have We Forgotten?
27 Aug 2007   Moderate GOP: Prescription for Failure
16 Aug 2007   The Man in The Mirror: Rendell fails to effectively deal with PA highway crisis
20 Jul 2007   Hush Rush: Debate over the Fairness Doctrine continues
10 Jul 2007   New PA Budget a Tax Victory: But spending increases at unacceptable levels
3 Jul 2007   Libby Scoots: Bush makes punishment fit the crime
27 Jun 2007   Biting Off More Than He Can Chew: Too many grand ideas = not much progress
11 Jun 2007   Tarnished Brand: GOP must return to core principles
30 May 2007   The GOP's Perzel Problem: Former speaker intent on personal, not party comeback
21 May 2007   Tax Hikes: Higher taxes could become the 'pay raise' of 2007
7 May 2007   Job Crushing: PA economic policies smothering job creation
2 May 2007   Gaming Board Usurps Rights
16 Apr 2007   In the Crosshairs: Efforts to deny Pennsylvanians' gun rights gather steam
26 Mar 2007   Back to the Future: Gingrich and Gore try resurrecting an old path to the Presidency
13 Mar 2007   The New 'L' Word: Likeability may determine outcome of '08 Presidential race
19 Feb 2007   Trojan Horse: Sales tax increase is not reform, it is a tax hike
6 Feb 2007   The Return of Ed Spendell : Fighting the Rendell budget a litmus test for legislative Republicans
29 Jan 2007   Help Wanted: A New Newt : Congressional Republicans rudderless
15 Jan 2007   Reform Everyone? : A constitutional convention would bring real reform
14 Dec 2006   How Times Have Changed : Shafer era was a different time in Pennsylvania
20 Nov 2006   Two Roads Diverge in Penn's Woods : Will PA take the road less traveled?
13 Nov 2006   GOP Paid Price for Abandoning Principles : Has the lesson been learned?
6 Nov 2006   The Road Not Taken : PA not participating in surging national economic growth
25 Oct 2006   It's the Economy, Stupid : Then why are Republicans in trouble?
9 Oct 2006   Breaking Trust : Republicans have not kept faith with their voters
18 Sep 2006   Real Reform? : Leadership elections will tell the tale
23 Aug 2006   It is time for Sine to Die : Practice of holding 'lame duck' sessions should be ended
7 Aug 2006   Slots sleaze : Gambling continues to roil the political waters in Harrisburg
24 Jul 2006   Murtha Unhinged? : Anti-war rhetoric creates a race in the 12th Congressional district
10 Jul 2006   A Tale of Two Parties : PA GOP splits along ideological lines
30 Jun 2006   Up in Smoke : U.S. Senate again fails to protect Old Glory
12 Jun 2006   Is There a Reformer in the House? : Time has come to pass the 'Roadmap to Reform'
23 May 2006   A Time for Choosing : Reagan's timeless words hold relevance for PA Republicans
15 May 2006   And Now, It's Time to Clean House : Perzel must go for reform to take root
8 May 2006   Disconnect : Business leaders, politicians, see PA business climate differently
1 May 2006   A Good Time on the Public Dime : PHEAA junkets at students' expense
14 Mar 2006   A Tale of Two Candidates : Black voters look differently at Swann and Steele
14 Mar 2006   They're Off! : Legislative elections, choices abound
27 Feb 2006   Big Brother : New PA tax SWAT team after more internet revenue
13 Feb 2006   Campaign Finance Reform : Look south of the Mason-Dixon Line for the answer
30 Jan 2006   Primary Colors : Republican voters will get a race for governor
16 Jan 2006   The Ostrich Factor : Rendell has head in the sand on Medical Malpractice crisis
2 Jan 2006   Endowed by Our Creator : IRS tramples America's religious rights
9 Dec 2005   Retailers Discriminating Against Christians : Some stores ban use of the word 'Christmas'
21 Nov 2005   Limited Choices : Historic fluke will trim the number of statewide candidates in 2006
7 Nov 2005   Pigs, and Parrots, and Pooches, Oh my! : In PA state government is a zoo
28 Oct 2005   King Edward, I : Rendell alters the balance of power
6 Oct 2005   Unraveled : GOP losing grassroots support over pay raise fiasco
23 Sep 2005   Special Session on ‘Changing the Subject’ : Forgetting the pay raise, not tax reform, is the issue
2 Sep 2005   Golden Snout Awards : ‘Snouties’ pay tribute to Harrisburg’s finest
24 Aug 2005   Tipping Point : Fight begins for heart and soul of the GOP
10 Aug 2005   Smacked on the Snout : Legislative pay ‘pig-out’ triggers voter outrage

31 Jul 2005   Europe's New 'Eiserne Madchen' : Merkel poised to become new German Chancellor
15 Jul 2005   A Life in Balance : Summer offers a rare opportunity for family time
1 Jul 2005   Faith of Our Forefathers : 'We shall be as a city on a hill.'
22 Jun 2005   Jump Ball : Tax reform referendum issue will define politics in PA
1 Jun 2005   Antiquated: Absentee ballot system disenfranchises many serving in the U.S. Military
24 May 2005   Kermit Komplex: Parents breaking the law to get their children a better education
9 May Apr 2005   Growing Poorer II: Ballot initiative will hurt PA business climate
24 Apr 2005   Madness: Current approach to improving PA’s economy is not working
23 Apr 2005   Time to go Nuclear
24 Mar 2005   Taxpayer Fairness Act: Brightbill proposal would limit future spending increases
14 Mar 2005   When in the Course of Human Events ...: The time has come to reclaim our 'Right to Know'
8 Mar 2005   UNraveled: Bolton appointment as U.N. Ambassador roils liberals
2 Mar 2005   Train Wreck: Rendell’s mass transit bailout is fiscal folly
25 Feb 2005   Defend the Defenders: Shameful 'second guessing' a Marine's combat decision from afar
15 Feb 2005   Holy Grail: ‘Commonwealth Caucus’ has solution to state’s property tax woe
1 Feb 2005   Mr. Clean: Efforts to muddy Ridge image will prove fruitless
14 Jan 2005   Second Banana: It's time to look at how we elect our lieutenant governors
31 Dec 2004   Beacon of Hope: Elections are proving the power of democracy
21 Dec 2004   Happy Winter Solstice?: ‘Winter holiday’ latest tactic in left’s efforts to take Christ out of Christmas
16 Dec 2004   Snake Eyes: PA gambling industry already marred by greed and corruption
7 Dec 2004   Deja vu: SEPTA and PAT again running on empty
11 Nov 2004   'Pitchfork Pat's' Revenge: Buchanan's 'culture war' crowns a victor
5 Nov 2004   Black Robed Bandits Take a Gamble: Comments on Coy case shatter Commonwealth Court’s credibility
24 Oct 2004   Picking a President: Lincoln Institute poll reveals qualities PA voters look for in a leader
7 Oct 2004   Row, Row, Row Your Boat: ‘Row office’ candidates are swimming against the political stream
22 Sep 2004   Rust Belt Thinking: Failed government policies must be abandoned to revive PA economy
3 Sep 2004   Dickinson's Shame: Michael Moore's visit demeans the venerable institution
17 Aug 2004   Trading With the Enemy:: PA pension funds unwittingly help finance terrorist states
10 Aug 2004   Lugubrious:: Efforts to stop ‘minor party candidates’ affront to Democracy
27 Jul 2004   Moore Ann Coulter: USA Today brings dishonor on the journalism
5 Jul 2004   A Time for Choosing: Reagan’s timeless words hold relevance for PA Republicans
22 June 2004   Silliness on the Susquehanna: Proposed borrowing on slot revenues a real gamble
8 June 2004   E-Z Does It: Electronic toll collection, truck tollways could ease traffic congestion
19 May 2004   Freedom Isn't Free: And Pennsylvania 's sons and daughters are paying the price
5 May 2004   Governor Spendell: It is budget season and time for more state spending!
22 Apr 2004   Exit Strategy: America finally ends a difficult and divisive war
5 Apr 2004   The 'Casper' Commission: House Ethics Committee investigates ghost voting
19 Mar 2004   Freedom Manfunction: Rights of free speech, press under assault by state and federal governments
15 Mar 2004   Primary Colors: Checkered flag waves before PA starts its engines
23 Feb 2004   Will Work for Food: Democrats gobble, Republicans wobble, taxpayers pay
17 Feb 2004   Annoy a Liberal: Work and be happy!
3 Feb 2004   The 'God Gap': Republicans corner the market on religious voters
15 Jan 2004   My Favorite Martian: America again ready to explore the 'final frontier'
5 Jan 2004   Like College – with Money!: Legislative spending, public right to know collides
23 Dec 2003   Groundhog Day: Budget battle ends with the usual tax and spending increases
8 Dec 2003   Restoring Reason to the Season: Federal court rules Christians can talk about Jesus!
24 Nov 2003   Glowing Problem: Nuclear power plant security still lacking
10 Nov 2003   Mugging Peter to pay Paul: Rendell Administration diverts highway funding to public transit money pit
26 Oct 2003   RINOS on the Loose: Wayward House Republicans abandoned their party’s principles
12 Oct 2003   EMS on Life Support: Could you have your heart attack tomorrow, we’re busy today!
30 Sep 2003   Chuck Taylor Budgeting: Return to two-year state budgets may come back in style
9 Sep 2003   Recall Envy: PA voters should demand the rights of recall, initiative and referendum
2 Sep 2003   Labor Day
27 Aug 2003   Black Robed Bandits Ride Again: U.S., Alabama Supreme Courts Steal Christians’ First Amendment Rights
15 Aug 2003   Twins:: Schwarzenneger and Rendell succeed on personality
5 Aug 2003   President Ridge?: Homeland Security chief could move up in line of Presidential Succession
14 Jul 2003   Legally Liberal: Left-wing college professors don’t understand terrorist threat
30 Jun 2003   Dr. Hickok goes to Washington: Former PA Secretary of Education is having a national impact
16 Jun 2003   Liberal Skirts: Patriot-News survey reveals Left-wing bias
4 Jun 2003   Hate and Intolerance: Left-wing group attacks Christian voter registration drive
23 May 2003   Mr Fonda and the Gray Lady: Scandal rocks liberal media icons
17 April 2003   Let Freedom Ring: Just like colonial America, Iraq needs time, patience to become a democracy
9 April 2003   Protesting the Protesters: The debate is over, its time to support our troops!
7 April 2003   U.N. Satisfactory : Time for America to get out of the United Nations
15 Mar 2003   American Heroes : Volunteer firefighters deserve our help
18 Feb 2003   Hail Columbia!
31 Jan 2003   Let Them Eat Cake
17 Jan 2003   Black Robe Banter:: PA judicial candidates now free to talk about the issues
3 Jan 2003   Two Faced:: A double standard in the nation's capital
21 Dec 2002   Poetic Justice:: Eakin shines while Zappala, Cappy look petty
7 Dec 2002   ACLU Grinch Steals Christmas in Pittsburgh: "Unconstitutional" parking is the latest issue
22 Nov 2002   Black Eye:: Congress failed America by playing politics with Homeland Security Department
Early Nov 2002   R.I.P.: PA High Court Deals Death Blow to Orwellian Ethics Law
Late Oct 2002   Wanted for Stealing Democracy:: The New Jersey Supreme Court
Early Oct 2002   IRAQ:: The Time for Talk is Over
Sep 2002   Tax Reform:: Opportunity and Peril
Oct 2001   Presidents
Sep 2001   Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker

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