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News Releases

  bullet   Lincoln Institute to Host Pollster Summit Briefings - (09/30/11)
  bullet   Human Events to Provide Weekly Report on American Radio Journal - (06/28/11)
  bullet   2010 PA Leadership Conference - (03/29/10)
  bullet   Taking Back Our State and Nation - (03/22/10)
  bullet   PA Leadership Conference Offers Student Rates, Scholarships - (03/03/10)
  bullet   Conway, Turzai to Speak at 2010 PA Leadership Conference - (02/09/10)
  bullet   Robert N. Reeves, Jr. Elected to Lincoln Institute Board - (01/25/10)
  bullet   2010 PA Leadership Conference Panels Announced - Focus will be on taking back our state and nation - (01/14/10)
  bullet   Dick Morris to Headline 2010 PA Leadership Conference Conference registration is now open - (09/28/09)
  bullet   Michelle Malkin to Keynote 2008 PA Leadership Conference - (03/10/07)
  bullet   Dr. Paul Kengor, Colin Hanna Elected to Lincoln Institute Board of Directors - (02/01/08)
  bullet   Michelle Malkin to Keynote 2008 PA Leadership Conference - (03/10/07)
  bullet   Securing the Future - PA voters say economy is bad, personal situations are stable; Oppose bailout of the housing industry - (24/10/07)
  bullet   Michelle Malkin to Keynote 2008 PA Leadership Conference - (03/10/07)
  bullet   Is Life A Gamble? - Poll finds acceptance, concerns as slots debut in PA - (15/2/07)
  bullet   PLC Update "Eich" and "Mike" to Speak at PLC Keystone Luncheon - (2/2/07)
  bullet   PLC Update – Panel Topics Announced - (21/1/07)
  bullet   Shafik Named Lincoln Institute Communications Director - (10/9/06)
  bullet   Laura Ingraham to Headline ’07 PA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - (09/25/06)
     Scarborough, Santorum, Swann, Fund and Toomey to Headline PA Leadership Conference - (07/03/06)
     Registration Opens for 2006 PA Leadership Conference - (09/01/06)
     Lowman Henry to Host Talk Show on WHYL - Weekly program debuts on August 6th - (21/07/05)
     Fred Anton and Norm Hoffer Join Lincoln Institute Board - (29/06/05)
     Pat Toomey Joins Lincoln Radio Journal - Will host monthly report from the nation's capital - (10/02/05)
     No Shades of Purple for PA Convention Delegates - Democrats and Republicans find little common ground - (24/08/04)
     Frank Ryan Elected to Lincoln Institute Board - CPA brings considerable expertise to Lincoln Board - (11/06/04)
     Economic Recovery? Survey finds turn-around yet to take hold in Pennsylvania - (30/10/03)
     Lincoln Institute launches ‘Pennsylvania’s Marketplace of Ideas’ - (010/09/03)
     Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research Publishes Anthology of Commentator's Essays: "I haven't found Laura, yet" by Albert Paschall - (02/06/03)
     Hitting the Skids: Keystone Business Climate Survey finds PA economy still slipping - (22/04/03)
     Lincoln Institute releases results of PA Boroughs survey - (10/8/01)
     Tobacco Settlement: PA Non-Profits Want Funds Used for Health and ... - (1/22/00)
     Allegheny County Voters continue to oppose sports stadiums and... - (10/12/00)
     PA Business Leaders Favor State Spending Cuts - (5/3/00)
     Township Officials in Pennsylvania Favor Local Tax Reform... - (4/17/00)
     Confidence in PA Economy Soars as Millennium Begins - (1/13/00)
     Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research names new managing director - (1/4/00)
     Lincoln Radio Journal adds Scott L. Rehr to... - (11/22/99)
     Pace of PA Business Climate Improvement Slows - (10/29/99)
     Allegheny County Voters Support Free Market Approach... - (9/22/99)
     City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia Voters Speak Out on the issues - (7/16/99)
     Philadelphia Voters Want School Choice - (6/14/99)
    ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits Plague PA Businesses - (4/9/99)
    Blurred Vision: Central Pennsylvanias Don't See Eye-To-Eye.. - (9/29/98)
    PA Consumer Confidence Highest in a Decade - (9/21/98)
    Allegheny County Voters Lean to Charter Change - (5/8/98)
    Pennsylvania's Major Employers Say Public Schools... - (4/8/98)
    Economists Rank Pennsylvania Business Climate... - (4/22/98)
    Survey Finds Economists Oppose Electric Utility... - (4/15/98)
    SW PA Voters Rejecting Sales Tax Increase - (4/22/97)
    Educators Support State Education Standards - (7/24/97)
    Corporate Chiefs: PA Business Climate Improving - (4/8/97)
    Municipal Officials View Property Taxes as Unfair - (1/20/97)
    What Does the Future Hold for America's Charities? - (11/18/96)
    Turner Turnaround: Privatization Pleases Turner Elementary Parents - (10/16/96)
    Confidence Growing in PA's Business Climate - (10/10/96)
    Two Views of America: PA's Delegates to the Republican and Democrat... - (8/12/96)