October 2000

Q1 - Do you support Mayor Tom Murphyís plan to create a new retail marketplace at Fifth & Forbes in downtown Pittsburgh?

21%           SUPPORT  
49%           OPPOSE
38%           DONíT KNOW

2%             REFUSED

Q2 - If SUPPORT:  ďWould you continue to support Mayor Murphyís plan to create a new retail marketplace at Fifth & Forbes in downtown Pittsburgh if you knew that $150 million in tax money would be used to help pay for the project?

13%           STILL SUPPORT
5%             OPPOSE
4%             DONíT KNOW REFUSED

Q3 - Do you think the City of Pittsburgh should be able to use Eminent Domain (or the forceful taking of property from private landowners) to acquire property for the construction of the new retail marketplace at Fifth & Forbes?

8%            YES
77%          NO
14%          DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q4 - Now that PNC Park and the new Steeler Stadium are under construction, do you think it was appropriate to use tax dollars to help fund construction of those facilities?

6%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q5 - In January, a new Home Rule Charter took effect in Allegheny County.  Do you think Allegheny County government has been more efficient or less efficient under the new system?

25%          MORE EFFICIENT
17%          LESS EFFICIENT
39%          TO EARLY TO TELL
18%          DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q6 - Do you have a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE opinion of the job Jim Roddey has been doing as Allegheny County Executive?

53%          POSITIVE
14%          NEGATIVE

Q7 - Do you have a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE opinion of the job the new Allegheny County Council is doing?

27%          POSITIVE
22%          NEGATIVE

Q8 -
Do you have a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE opinion of the job Tom Murphy is doing as Mayor of Pittsburgh?

43%           POSITIVE
40%           NEGATIVE
16%           NO OPINION/REFUSED

Q9 - Generally speaking, do you think your local municipality is on the right track and doing a good job when it comes to meeting the needs of your community, or is it seriously off on the wrong track?  

64%           RIGHT TRACK
27%           WRONG TRACK
  9%           NO OPINION/REFUSED

Q10 - Do you think the number of municipal governments, that is, the cities, townships and boroughs in Pennsylvania should be reduced through mergers, or should municipalities maintain their independence?

11%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q11 - Do you think YOUR municipality, that is, YOUR city, township or borough, should merge with a surrounding municipality or should it remain independent?

21%            MERGE
  7%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q12 - Which level of government do you think operates most efficiently:  (ROTATE) the Federal, state, county, or local level of government?

13%            FEDERAL
17%            STATE
  8%            COUNTY
38%            LOCAL
24%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q13 - Do you feel the property tax-based system currently utilized by local governments in Pennsylvania is fair and equitable to most segments of your community?

25%            YES
57%            NO
17%            DONíT KNOW
  1%            REFUSED  

Q14 - If local property taxes had to be replaced with another tax, would you favor a local earned income tax, a local sales tax, or a combination of earned income and sales taxes?

17%            INCOME TAX
25%            SALES TAX
37%            COMBINATION
13%            NEITHER/OTHER
  7%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q15 - Do you think the Regional Assets District or RAD Tax should be repealed?

58%            YES
29%            NO
13%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q16 - Do you support the concept of a ďliving wageĒ or ďminimun wageĒ of $10.60 per hour for all Allegheny County employees or contract employees doing business with the county regardless of their skill level of job requirements?

20%            YES
68%            NO
12%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q17 - Do you support construction of the Mon-Fayette Expressway linking downtown Pittsburgh with the Mon Valley and I-?? In West Virginia?

59%            YES
21%            NO
21%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q18 - Do you support construction of the Southern Beltway which would run through parts of southern Allegheny County and Washington County to create a network of highways or beltway around the City of Pittsburgh?

66%            YES
18%            NO
16%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q19 - Would you be willing to pay a toll to travel on a beltway around Pittsburgh if toll revenue were needed to fund construction of such a highway?

55%            YES
37%            NO
  8%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q20 - Do you support the construction of a high speed Maglev train which would run from the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport through the City of Pittsburgh to Greensburg?

55%            YES

35%            NO
10%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q21 - Would local records show you to be registered as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent?

66%            DEMOCRAT
29%            REPUBLICAN
  5%            INDEPENDENT

Q22 - What is your age please?

  5%            18-34
18%            35-44
26%            45-54
26%            55-64
49%            65+

Q23 - When it comes to politics, do you consider yourself to be a CONSERVATIVE, A MODERATE, or a LIBERAL?

44%            CONSERVATIVE
42%            MODERATE
12%            LIBERAL
  2%            DONíT KNOW/REFUSED

Q24 - What is your current household income?

  7%            BELOW $15,000
19%            $15,000 - $30,000
20%            $30,000 - $50,000
14%            $50,000 - $75,000
  6%            $75,000 - $100,000
  5%            OVER $100,000 

Q25 - What is your main ethnic heritage or background?

92%            WHITE or CAUCASIAN
  3%            AFRICAN AMERICAN
  1%            HISPANIC
  1%            ASIAN or PACIFIC ISLANDER
      -            NATIVE AMERICAN
  2%            OTHER
  2%            REFUSED

Gender (by observation)

46%            MALE
54%            FEMALE