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Scott Paterno

    Mon, May 07, 2012

    PA Property Tax System Broken

    For time out of mind, Pennsylvania has funded public education from a locally imposed and collected property tax, supplemented annually by state funds. The idea behind it was simple — tie ...

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    Mon, April 23, 2012

    Reform? No, Not Really

    A few weeks ago the State House took a step that many believe was courageous — they voted to cut the size of the Pennsylvania House from 203 members to 153, and voted to cut the state senate ...

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    Wed, April 11, 2012

    Independent Voters Will Decide Election

    On election night 1992 — my first as a voter — I watched the returns in great dismay as it became evident that Bill Clinton would capture the White House. As I sat Smokey Joe's listening ...

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    Thu, November 03, 2011

    Obama College Loans: Rich Get Richer

    Four years ago President Obama's victory was attributed in no small part to the youth vote — both in terms of their increased turnout and the 69% of it they gave to Obama. But as the realities ...

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    Thu, October 20, 2011

    States: Laboratories of Policy

    A few weeks before he announced his own run for the White House, Gov. Perry made the following statement: "Our friends in New York six weeks ago passed a statute that said marriage can be ...

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    Thu, October 06, 2011

    States Can Pick Method of Allocating Electoral Votes

    Article II, section 1 of the Constitution is the very model of legislative clarity. It reads:

    "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of ...

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    Fri, September 23, 2011

    Money, Consultants Play Outsized Role in Campaigns

    In 1774, John Adams was approached by the leaders of Boston and asked if he would serve as a delegate to the Continental Congress. Adams did not seek the office and in fact struggled with accepting ...

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    Fri, September 09, 2011

    The Heroes of 9-11

    There are moments in life so vivid that they never leave you; their sense is trapped inside your consciousness in a way that stands out from ordinary memories. Your heart still skips thinking about ...

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    Fri, August 26, 2011

    Uncomfortable Truth About Hybrid Cars

    When I was a kid a friend gave me a Chinese finger trap — a woven bamboo tube that got wider when compressed and narrower when stretched. These characteristics made it very easy for you to get ...

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    Fri, August 12, 2011

    Obama: Blamer-in-Chief

    Several years ago I heard a phrase that has stayed with me: "Any fool can point at the leak and tell you the dam is cracked. A leader has a plan to fix it."

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    Fri, July 29, 2011


    There is an unfortunate propensity in America that is growing uglier by the day — a need to elevate one's own sense of well being through the dragging down of others.

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    Tue, July 12, 2011

    What Tax is Fair?

    There is an old saying in politics: "we you stand usually has a lot to do with where you sit." It is a callous concept — implying that most of us cannot see past our ...

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    Fri, July 01, 2011

    Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness

    There are perhaps a handful of documents whose importance will stand the test of time — the dead sea scrolls, the bible, or magna carta, for example. One of those documents, pulled from the ...

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    Fri, June 03, 2011

    State Money is Limited

    Mark Twain, a true libertarian and a committed realist with a cynic's wit, once noted "Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable." No where is this more evident than the ongoing ...

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    Wed, May 18, 2011

    Silencing the Opposition

    I want you to imagine the following scenario.

    The Governor of a large industrial state — one that allows anonymous coordinated campaign contributions — ...

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