by Lowman S. Henry | July 14, 2003

Left-wing college professors don’t understand terrorist threat

Stereotypes are interesting things. Stereotypes often take such a strong psychological hold that they turn their subjects into cartoon-like caricatures. Take the notion of the dumb blonde for example. In the politically correct world in which we dwell, we’re often admonished to avoid stereotyping people so as not to hurt their feelings – particularly if the stereotypical image is negative or at the very least unflattering.

With Legally Blonde II at the top of the box office charts this summer, I figure now is the time to get away with some stereotyping of my own. That’s why I’ve been thinking about the term “liberal college professor.”

Obviously all college professors are not liberal, just as all blondes are not dumb. However, behind every good stereotype you will usually find some very good reason why the caricature has taken hold. Many blondes (male and female) in fact are ditsy, and many college professors are, in fact, liberal.

It should come as no surprise that some of these left-of-center refugees from places like UCLA have infiltrated the halls of academia in Pennsylvania. Like Osama bin Laden’s sleeper cells, they are busy indoctrinating our youth with their own brand of radical political thought.

I found this out a few weeks ago when, during the height of the battle over Iraq, I wrote a commentary supporting our troops and the need for military action against Saddam’s brutal regime. I also attacked the “peace protestors”for their street demonstrations which were at the time giving aid and comfort to our enemy.

A number of e-mails and responses came in as a result of that commentary. Only two were negative and both, surprise, came from liberal college professors. And the learned men of higher education were outraged to the tops of their pointy little heads that I would question the patriotism of those opposed to the war.

“Like most people in the peace movement . . . we think it would be good to rely on brains and diplomacy,” one wrote. He ignored the obvious fact that brains and diplomacy do little good against knife-wielding terrorists bent on crashing airplanes into buildings.

But wait! Both the liberal professors, apparently reading from the same little Red Book of talking points, went to great length to argue that Saddam had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

“There is no evidence that Saddam, however brutal he was to his own people, had anything to do with September 11th,” the liberal professor wrote. “Yes, September 11th was horrible, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the war in Iraq.”

The other Left-wing professor claimed we were not in a “time of war” because “we start(ed) the war by attacking another country – one that has nothing to do with us.” He claimed there is “no evidence” linking Saddam and bin Laden.

One liberal professor asserted that since he has a Ph.D. in international relations from UCLA, and has published books and articles on foreign policy, his view should prevail. The other asserted he “fit in with real Democracy – something you, Tony Snow (and the owner of FOX) seem to know nothing about.” He added that as a veteran of the civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement, and as an active member of the ACLU for 30 years he was a defender of democracy. The learned and experienced educator summoned up all his academic abilities and ended missive by calling me a Fascist.

These Left-wing nut cases have again proven that the academic ivory tower still exists in the clouds above America. Both demonstrated an appalling inability to connect the dots and understand what is happening in the real world.

President George W. Bush was absolutely correct when he labeled Iraq as being one of the states constituting an “Axis of Evil” exporting terrorism across the globe. The war against terror is dedicated to rooting out and destroying the ability of the “Axis of Evil” to commit terrorist acts.

In his new book Thunder on the Left, former FBI agent Gary Aldrich details the warning shots fired by the terrorists leading up to September 11, 2001: The 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, Somalia, Kibar Towers, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole. The Clinton Administration, backed by the Left-wing intelligentsia, missed or would not admit that a global terrorist war had begun. A mistake George W. Bush did not make in the wake of September 11th.

President Bush, and the overwhelming majority of Americans understand the war against terrorism requires us to attack the many tentacles of the beast which have snaked out throughout the world. That is why the battle has been taken to Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and will lead next to where ever it has to go.

“How many countries must we invade to spread freedom?” one of the liberal professor asked. The answer to that question, sir, is: “As many as it takes.” I am quite certain that the second stanza of the “Star Spangled Banner” is not required reading at UCLA, but there is a line in that song that says: “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just.”

The American cause in Iraq and Afghanistan is just. And it is necessary to secure both our personal safety, and our freedoms.

In perhaps the most telling comment of our e-mail exchange, one of the liberal professors told me: “American troops who travel the world slaughtering innocent civilians are not to be honored.” He then opined that people like him protesting lead to conclusion of the Vietnam War – a war people like him caused us to lose sending the American military into decades of self doubt.

No professor, American troops are not slaughtering innocent civilians. Innocent civilians were slaughtered, here on our shores, on September 11th. They were slaughtered because people of your ideological persuasion were either to stupid to understand what was happening, or were too cowardly to act, or both.

President Bush sees the terrorist threat for what it is and is dealing with it. Our troops are putting their lives on the line every day on our behalf. They are even protecting the liberties of Legally Liberal college professors.