by L. Henry | September 10, 2020

The 2020 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference will originate live from the ballroom at the Radisson Penn Harris Convention Center on Friday, September 25th and Saturday, September 26, 2020.  Due to draconian restrictions placed on indoor gatherings by the Wolf Administration attendees will have to view the conference virtually via our digital platforms including the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Facebook page, YouTube channel, live streaming at, and at this time the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) plans to air the conference live.

So that we might keep you updates on schedule changes and speaker information and to provide you with the conference app we ask that you register as a virtual attendee by going to  There is NO CHARGE to register for the conference and associated workshops.

2020 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference


Friday, September 25, 2020


9:00 A.M.     Workshop:               Americans for Prosperity

                        Topic:                         Becoming a Watchdog

                        Presenter:                Duane Lester, Americans for Prosperity


10:00 A.M.   Workshop:              PA Family Institute

Topic:                         Pennsylvania’s Push for Pot:

                                    Lessons Learned from Marijuana Legalization

Presenters:               Luke Niforatos, Smart Approaches to Marijuana


11:00 A.M.   Workshop:               Freedom Works

Topic:                         Social Media Training

Presenter:                Dercy Teixeira, FreedomWorks


12:00 P.M.   Welcome:                 Lowman Henry, PA Leadership Council

Opening Prayer:     Stephanie Borowicz, State Representative


12:10 P.M.   Speaker:                   Doug Mastriano, State Senator


12:30 P.M.   Panel:                        Reigning in the Big Bad Wolf

                        Moderator:              Frank Ryan, State Representative

Panelists:                  Russ Diamond, State Representative

Daryl Metcalfe, State Representative

Marc Scaringi, Attorney


1:00 P.M.      Speaker:                   Sam Rohrer, Pennsylvania Pastors Network



1:20 P.M.      Panel:                        Shut Up and Dance With Me: How Unions Keep                                                                   Public Employees from Ending Their Membership

Moderator:              Nathan McGrath, Fairness Center

Panelists:                  Greg Hartnett, Public School Teacher

Elisabeth Kines, Americans for Fair Treatment

Greg Rothman, State Representative


1:50 P.M.      Speaker:                   Kelly Ann Pidgeon, Armed and Feminine


2:10 P.M.      Conversation:          Unleashing the Power of Free Enterprise

Panelists:                  Kristin Phillips-Hill, State Senator

Dawn Keefer, State Representative


2:30 P.M.      Speaker:                   Corey DeAngelis, Reason Foundation


2:50 P.M.      Panel:                        Expanding Education Opportunities 

Moderator:              Otto Banks, REACH

Panelists:                  Frank Brogan, Assistant U.S. Sec. of Education                                                                     John DiSanto, State Senator

Colleen Hroncich, Commonwealth Foundation


3:20 P.M.      Panel:                         Combating Environmental Extremism

Moderator:              Rebecca Oyler, NFIB-PA

Panelists:                  Cris Dush, State Representative

Kathy Rapp, State Representative

Gordon Tomb, Commonwealth Foundation


3:50 P.M.      Conversation:          Pro-Life Policy Why Leadership & Elections Matter                                                              Tom Shaheen, PA Family Institute

Victoria Cobb, Virginia Family Foundation

Kate Klunk, State Representative


4:10 P.M.      Video                         Entrepreneur Protection Program

                                                            Joshua Nulph, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania




4:30 P.M.      Conversation:          The Conservative Movement in 2020

John Gizzi, Newsmax

                                                            Paul Kengor, Grove City College


5:00 P.M.      HOLD                         Trump Surrogate


Saturday, September 26, 2020


7:00 A.M.     Freedom “Breakfast”

M.C.                           Jeff Coleman, Churchill Strategies

Speaker:                   Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator


8:00 A.M.     Panel:                        Free Market Approach to Affordable Health Care   

Moderator:              Jezree Friend, MBA

Panelists:                  Valerie Gaydos, State Representative

Robert Graboyes, Mercatus Center

Christopher Wright, Potomac TEA Party


8:30 A.M.     Speaker:                   Rev. C.L. Bryant, Freedom Works


8:50 A.M.     Conversation           Expanding the Base

Panelists                    Lenny McAlister, Commonwealth Foundation

Angela Sailor, Heritage Foundation


9:10 A.M.     Conversation:          A Conversation with Mike Turzai

John Gizzi, Newsmax

                                                            Michael Turzai, Former PA House Speaker


9:40 A.M.     Panel:                        Competitive, Simple & Fair:

The Trifecta for Comprehensive Tax Reform

Moderator:              Ashley Klingensmith, AFP

Panelists                    Seth Grove, State Representative

Douglass Henry, CEO Henry Molded Products

Jonathan Williams, ALEC


10:10 A.M.   Speaker:                   Scott Perry, U.S. Representative


10:30 A.M.   Speaker:                   Ensuring a Fair Election

John Fund, National Review


10:50 A.M.   Speaker:                   Pat Toomey, US Senator


11:10 A.M.   Conversation:          Moving Pennsylvania Forward

Bryan Cutler, PA House Speaker

David Taylor, PA Manufacturers Association


11:30 A.M.   Speakers:                  Heather Heidelbaugh,

GOP Nominee for Attorney General


Tim DeFoor,

GOP Nominee for Auditor General


Stacy Garrity,

GOP Nominee for State Treasurer


12 NOON      Leadership “Luncheon”


Speaker:                   Lawrence Tabas, PAGOP

Panel:                        Keeping Pennsylvania RED

Moderator:              Jeff Lord, American Spectator

Panelists:                  Bernie Comfort, PA Trump Chair

Vernon Robinson,

Black Americans to Re-Elect the President

Rose Tennent, Women for Trump


1:30 P.M.      Workshop:               American Majority

Topic:                         Grassroots Organization to Win 2020

Presenter:                Matt Batzel, American Majority


3:30 P.M.      Conference Concludes