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About the Lincoln Institute

Perhaps someday there won’t be a need for “taking the pulse of Pennsylvania,” or as Thomas Jefferson observed, keeping “eternal vigilance” over the affairs of government. In the meantime, the Lincoln Institute will be here.

The Lincoln Institute

The Lincoln Institute conducts a wide range of public opinion polls, surveys, and focus groups, including our signature Keystone Business Climate Survey. This survey of business owners throughout Pennsylvania has become a dependable indicator of the state’s economy.

Periodically, the Lincoln Institute will assemble a Public Opinion Court focus group to delve more deeply into an issue. These groups explore topics ranging from social services, environmental issues, school choice, gambling, and more.

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Our Board of Directors

From 1992 through today, the Lincoln Institute has continued to grow and expand both in projects and influence. All but one of the Lincoln Institute’s founding board members remains on the board providing tremendous stability in leadership.

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