by Paul Kengor | November 10, 2020

If the president had done his job,” said Joe Biden at a CNN town hall in Moosic, Pennsylvania, on September 17, “all the people would still be alive. All the people. I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.”

Had Pfizer made its announcement a week earlier, does anyone doubt that Drudge and CNN and the AP and the entirety of the anti-Trump media wouldn’t have ignored or thrown cold water on it?

Every person who died from COVID-19 was Donald Trump’s fault. So said Joe.

CNN was mum in response to this cruel charge, not daring to challenge this viciously handy campaign narrative weaponized by its candidate. Biden’s shot was shameless, so much so that even PolitiFact rushed to Trump’s defense.

But that hardly stopped liberals. Four days later, several Democrats gathered outside the White House hoisting a neon sign that glowed, “Trump lied, 200,000 died.” The sign was paid for by the Democrat National Committee.

Kamala Harris jumped in on the action. “Donald Trump doesn’t think about what’s best for America,” she fumed in Philadelphia the night before the election. “He only thinks about what is best for himself. And as a result, we have lost 230,000 lives to COVID. So many people forced to die alone because of the nature of this virus … 230,000 Americans. The last time we experienced loss like this was World War II.”

Biden–Harris pounded this drum throughout the campaign. Joe took it into the presidential debate, regaling national audiences with this egregious charge slung at a president who spent nearly every day since February grappling with this contagion.

“How many of you got up this morning and had an empty chair at the table because someone died of COVID-19?” asked Biden in the first debate, staring into the camera. Looking at Trump, he continued, “It is what it is because you are who you are. They are dying. That’s true. And you,” sighed Biden in disgust at his monstrous opponent, “it is what it is.”

The Hill reported the spectacle this way: “Democratic nominee Joe Biden blamed President Trump for the COVID-19 death toll Tuesday night, arguing that more than 200,000 people in the U.S. are dead because the president failed to take the virus seriously.”

Can you imagine anything more divisive?

But no, that’s not Joe Biden. Joe, you see, is a unifier. He and his media, after all, have said so. In his victory speech on Saturday, responding to the media’s declaration that he won the election, Biden struck a tone of unity, as his supporters swooned. Progressives gushed at their man’s humanity.

Trump the intolerant refuser; Biden the tolerant unifier.

It’s a far different Joe from the man who denounced Trump as do-nothing Donald while people gasped for air on ventilators. This is Joe the Healer. At least when framed by the crafty hands of a sycophantic media.

Joe Biden, in fact, had accused Donald Trump not only of COVID incompetence, but of not even having a plan.

“The president has no plan,” Biden insisted in the second presidential debate. “He knew all the way back in February how serious this crisis was.” That was when Trump shut down travel from China and Europe while critics (Biden included) excoriated on his actions as “extreme” and “xenophobic” and “bigoted” and (naturally) “racist.”

Of course, Donald Trump certainly had plans. The plans included Operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine, which I first wrote about back in May. Alas, the vaccine was announced this Monday — a week too late for Donald Trump’s reelection bid. The development of the vaccine will make unnecessary all of Biden’s lofty calls about “bringing everyone together around a table” to meet about the vaccine and form a coronavirus task force unlike any marvel mankind has ever beheld. It won’t be necessary, Joe. Trump will have bequeathed to you a vaccine. You’re all set. The hard work to fund a crash vaccine program was done by Donald Trump — that is, Donald the COVID Killer.

Low-energy Joe can kick back on COVID.

“You could never have done the job we’ve done,” Donald Trump told Biden during their first debate. That’s unquestionably true. Donald Trump’s energy level is astonishing. The man is a physical phenom. It’s indeed true that Joe Biden does not have the stamina to do what Donald Trump did in marshaling resources to respond to COVID-19. How incredibly ironic that the disease was Trump’s downfall and that it was tapped by Biden–Harris and liberals to defeat him.

Matt Drudge, who spent the last year in an extraordinary propaganda barrage against Donald Trump (after electing him in 2016) greeted the Pfizer vaccine announcement with a triple bold headline: “COVID MIRACLE? JAB ‘90%’ PROTECTION, STOCKS SOAR.”

It was the headline that Trump needed the Monday before the election rather than after. Then again, had Pfizer made its announcement a week earlier, does anyone doubt that Drudge and CNN and the AP and the entirety of the anti-Trump media wouldn’t have ignored or thrown cold water on it?

But there the vaccine is, and how unjust the brutal shots at Trump have been over the pandemic. I watched every press conference by Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force. I was greatly impressed (I did not vote for Trump in 2016 and had no loyalty to him), and I was stunned to watch how those press conferences and Trump statements were reported in the press. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a sustained series of episodes caricatured so completely contrary to reality.

And yet, the very worst of the COVID-19 accusations against Trump were dished by Biden–Harris. They even attacked the president as he got the virus and persevered over it. When an infected Trump declared that he felt “great” and urged people not to let the virus “dominate your lives” and told them “don’t be afraid of COVID,” Biden and liberals raged at the man. He was not inspiring, you see, but even more of a reprobate. Biden, hiding in his basement, blasted Trump for his “macho” attitude and said he was “responsible” for his COVID-19 infection.

Now Joe Biden calls for unity. His fellow unifiers in the media are downright weepy.

And as Trump makes good on a vaccine effort that will spare us Joe Biden’s dire “dark winter,” who (apparently) wins the election? Joe Biden.

This is very unjust. Biden, for his part, isn’t letting Trump off the hook.

Biden’s assessment thus far of the vaccine is that distributing it will take “many months.” This was the angle 60 Minutes took on Sunday night. And those unoptimistic prospects aren’t as gloomy as angry Andrew Cuomo’s scowling, scolding, bitter assessment following the Pfizer announcement. Angry Andrew, a man of no credibility on the matter of COVID deaths, curled his lips and snarled at Trump’s plan as “irresponsible.”

Donald Trump should ignore these ungrateful liberals and trump them with a parting gift to the nation. He should enact warp-speed distribution for his Operation Warp Speed vaccine. That would be a generous Christmas gift to a president-elect and nation that failed to reelect him. It would spare Biden and his Trump-hating supporters the deadly winter they had grimly forecast. They may never be grateful to Donald Trump for the crash effort to develop this vaccine, but many of us will be.